2019 Summer Reading


If you have not yet signed up for summer reading and picked up your book— click the link below!  Select from the grade 9 choices: 

House on Mango Street;
Nickel and Dimed in America;
Of Mice and Men;
Purple Hibiscus. 

After you select your book, you may pick up a copy at Western Tech between 8:30 and 2:30 on weekdays. 

Note: this is ONLY for people who have not already selected a book!

10th, 11th, 12th GRADERS:

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved Western Tech Summer Reading Program!  To encourage literacy and pleasurable reading outside of school, we will be participating in a Book-Club-style summer reading program.  All students in each grade level will be asked to read one book over the summer from their grade-level lists. The books have been specifically chosen based on their content and their relationship to their English course and/or Social Studies coursework.  The books are available through Western’s Library, Western’s English Department, Western’s Website, or through the Baltimore County Public Library System. 



  • In May and June, current students sign up for their book club by picking from grade-level lists.  On sign-up day, the Library made books available for sign-out.
  • Book clubs are capped at 25.  However, some book clubs have multiple “Sessions” — that is, multiple teachers will sponsor clubs, so more students can read that book!  The number of sessions is indicated on sign-up day via our electronic form.
  • Over the summer, students should read actively to prepare for book clubs — by generating notes, questions, observations, and marking passages that interest them.
  • On October 8 (with Book Club happening from 8:35-9:30am between A1 & A2), we will host one-day book clubs all around the school, sponsored by teachers in every discipline.  Book clubs will spend about one hour discussing themes in the books, interesting passages, character developments, and more.  Part of the intent of book clubs is simply to enjoy talking about a book that you read!

Each book club will conclude with a short journaling assignment that students will submit to their English teacher for a grade.

Students taking an AP English class should adhere to assignment guidelines from the AP teachers.