August 31, 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians:

This year, Western Tech is excited that our students will be able to receive and be able to take home their own HP ProBook.  For this to occur, you must view a short video on proper care of the device and sign a Student Device Loan & Use Agreement.  Students, parents, and guardians can view the video online, and if a printer is available, print and sign the Student Device Loan & Use Agreement (please ensure you retain a copy for your records).  If you need a hard copy of the Student Device Loan & Use Agreement, your child may pick one up in the main office.

To view the video, select Taking Devices Home under the “Devices” tab on the homepage.  Upon viewing the video and signing the Device Loan & Use Agreement, simply have your child drop the signed agreement off to his/her A1 teacher, B1 teacher, or the main office by Friday, September 7.

Distribution of ProBooks, power cords, and bags will be between September 11-21.  Students should bring their BCPS OneCard or an identification card. 

If you do not want your child to take the device home, your child will have access to the HP ProBook during the school day as a “Day User.”  If you want your child to be a “Day User,”

please contact the school at (443) 809-0840.



The Administrative Team