9th Grade Team

Policies and Expectations for Western


  • Please maintain your attendance at or above 96% (no more than two days absent per quarter).
  • On the day you’re absent, your parent or guardian needs to call 410-887-0848 to inform the Office.
  • On the day you return, please bring an excuse note from your parent, and give it to the person at the Attendance Cart in the front lobby by 7:30 a.m.

Early Dismissals:

  • If you need to leave school early, bring in a note from your parent or guardian and get an early dismissal slip from the front office.
  • Your parent or guardian will be called to verify your early dismissal.  Please be sure that your note contains a phone number where your parents can be reached to verify the early dismissal.
  • At the dismissal time, your parent or guardian must sign you out in the office.


  • If your bus is late, it’s not your fault; you’ll receive a late bus pass to bring to your teacher.
  • The parent drop-off is the loop around the gymnasium, not the bus circle.
  • Tardy students need to sign in at the attendance cart or the front office and get a pink late pass to be given to your teacher.
  • Students with frequent tardiness will be subject to an administrative detention.

After School:

  • Bus Riders: When the 2:00 p.m. bell rings, please go to your bus quickly. Be sure to know your bus number.
  • Waiting: If for some reason your ride hasn’t picked you up by 2:25 p.m. you need to wait outside.
  • With Teachers: Some students stay after with a teacher for a meeting, coach class, or for extra work. For safety reasons, students may not wander the halls, but must stay under the direct supervision of that teacher or coach until finished.  At the conclusion of the activity they must promptly exit the building.

Delayed Openings:

  • If school is opened late due to weather, the decision comes from BCPS, and should be available at or 1090 AM by 5:30 a.m., if possible.
  • Please DO NOT call Western.
  • The one- or two-hour delay class schedule is in the Success Guide.

(The following policies are examples of Western’s high expectations. This list is from the Student Handbook that students will receive in the beginning of the school year.  This list is not a comprehensive look at all of Western’s policies.) 

C.P.R2: Western takes pride in being a well-run school with well-behaved students.  We have a policy of “C.P.R2. “, which stands for:

Courtesy: Use your manners: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Use appropriate language, tone, and volume. Avoid gum, candy, food, and drink outside the cafeteria. Put trash in trash cans and aluminum in recycling bins.

Punctuality: Arrive to school and class on time, and turn in your assignments on time.

Respect: Show respect to the teachers, students, property, and community. In class, avoid talking without permission.

Responsibility: Take responsibility for your own actions and for your learning. Pay attention to and be working on the task being done. Be proud of what you do. Take responsibility for your own actions and for your learning.

In order for our school to run smoothly and peacefully, it is imperative that we maintain this civility and respect for each other.


  • You are responsible for copying homework assignments into your Success Guide and for completing them on time.
  • Late work is not accepted for credit.
  • If you miss three homework assignments during any quarter in a given class, you will be assigned a homework detention after school.   In addition, for each assignment missed after the third, you will continue to be assigned detention for each missed assignment. This process continues until the end of the quarter.
  • Homework detention is from 2:10 – 3:10 p.m. in room 103.

Success Guides:

  • Students use the success guide to record their homework and as their hall pass to leave class.
  • Teachers will use the success guide to inform parents about homework detentions or other important information.
  • Parents should check their child’s success guide on a nightly basis. During the 1st semester students will be required to get their success guide signed on a nightly basis.

Cell Phones and MP3 Players:

Personal use of cell phones, electronic music players, and other portable electronic media devices (cameras, internet devices, etc) during the instructional day is prohibited by BCPS Policy.

To adhere to this policy, follow the bell schedule. At 7:20, OR any time before you enter a classroom (whichever occurs first), you need to start turning off your electronics and putting them away. All electronics need to be “off an away” BEFORE YOU ENTER A CLASSROOM.

From 7:30 A.M to 2:00 P.M., you are not to use electronic device for any reason: not to call, not to text, not to check the time.

If you are caught using your phone or media device for personal reasons of any kind during the school day, the phone or device will be turned in to the office with your name on it. The first offense will require a parent conference before the item is returned; subsequent offenses may result in a Saturday detention or even suspension.