Mission Statement

To improve the quality of education in Baltimore County and to strengthen the relationship between the school and community by serving as informed advisors to the Board of Education on issues that affect students, families, communities, and schools.


The Education Advisory Council of Baltimore County is made up of five area councils and serves a unique and important role in our school system. Recognizing the essential role parents and community members play in supporting our public school system, the Advisory Council was established in 1972. Since that time, the Advisory Council members have served as both informed advisors to the Board of Education and as liaisons to the communities they represent.

As informed advisors to the Board, the Advisory Council provides the Board with community input and advises the Board about concerns and issues. The information comes directly from you—the parents and community members the Council represents—and it helps the Board conduct business in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of our children in the context of their communities. 

As community liaisons, we hold local meetings to provide information about new initiatives, goals and plans, new policies and curriculum, opportunities for advocacy, and legislation affecting the schools. (Please see the Southwest Area Meeting Schedule for meeting dates and topics.) We also take public comment and suggestions at meetings and hearings to bring directly to the Board. In addition, we are available to help people navigate the school system and find answers to their questions and concerns.

For more information please see the education advisory councils' page on the Baltimore County Public Schools website.