Cell Phone Policy for Students

Western School of Technology and Environmental Science

Electronic Device Policy

Western School of Technology welcomes the use of 21st century technology for educational purposes and encourages student access to information, but it is important to teach our students how to use technology responsibly.  Based on a collaboration of students, teachers, and administrators, the following policy was created.


1.  Students may use their electronic devices (cell phones, music players, PDA’s, tablets, e-readers, laptops, etc.) for quiet use in the established “Device Zones,” as defined below: 




cafeteria, compound, den, & halls

during the morning

before 7:29am

Internet, texting, & music with earphones

cafeteria & compound

during lunch

Internet, texting, & music with earphones


during classes

Instructional use only when teachers display the green “Device Zone” poster

*Please note that phone calls, photography, and video recording are not permitted. 


2.  Students may use their cell phones for phone calls in the established “Phone Zone,” as defined below: 





only during assigned lunch time

phone calls

*Emergency phone calls may still be made in the front office throughout the school day.


3.  According to BCPS policy, at all other times and places, all electronic devices (and earphones) must be off and away; on “silent” or “vibrate” is not acceptable.  Devices and headphones should not be visible.  All devices are prohibited during drills, evacuations, and emergency situations as their use could put the safety of students and faculty at risk.  Western is not responsible for the damage, theft, or loss of students’ electronic devices.  Students may not charge their devices at school. 


4.  If a student uses his or her device, has the device visible, or has visible headphones outside of the designated zones and times, he or she is in violation of this policy.  Students who violate this policy will face the following consequences:

  • 1st OFFENSE – Student receives a documented warning
  • 2nd OFFENSE Parents are notified
  • 3rd OFFENSE – The device is confiscated by an administrator, and parents will be required to pick-up the device
  • 4th OFFENSE- The device is confiscated by an administrator for parent pick-up, and the student will be issued a Saturday Detention