National French Contest Winners 2023

National French Contest Winners 2023
Posted on 05/16/2023
National French Contest Winners 2023

Félicitations to the Wolverine French students! This year we had a record 14 medal winners in the National French Contest, an online contest that tests reading and listening skills. Students competed nationally with thousands of other public and private school students. We had 14 Certificate of Honor winners and 20 Merit Scholars. The medal winners are: 

o Mobolowa O. level 4 Bronze 

o Kriti T. level 4 bronze 

o Jennifer B. level 4 silver 

o Mary D. level 2 bronze 

o Ifedeyo I.level 2 Silver 

o Safiyah R. level 1 Bronze 

o Aura A. level 1 bronze 

o Ethan N. level 1 bronze (not pictured)

o Germaine E. level 2 bronze * native speaker division 

o Danielle M. level 2 bronze 

o Noah G. level 1 bronze 

o Luc C. level 2 platinum congratulations on 100 % correct 

o Ana P. level 2 bronze 

o Bryan C. bronze (not pictured)

Félicitations to Monsieur Olive and the Western Tech French Students!