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Western is a state and national Blue Ribbon School winner.

Welcome to Western Tech!

Our mission is to provide students with challenging academic courses, cutting-edge technological career programs, and experiential environmental science programs to achieve success in higher education and the workplace.

Our goal is to produce students that are career and college ready. 

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School Accolades

  • Ranked 2nd in BCPS, and 12th in the state of Maryland, and 475th nationally out of 17,792 schools, according to US News and World Report (May 2020). 
  • Ranked 6th in in the Top 10 Schools in Maryland, according to US News & World Report.
  • Ranked 15th in the Region’s Best High Schools, according to Niche, a Pittsburgh-based company.
  • Ranked 3rd in BCPS and 11th in the State of Maryland, according to US News and World Report (May 2018). 
  • Named in “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” by The Washington Post (May 2017).
  • Designated Maryland Blue Ribbon School (2013) and National Blue Ribbon School (2014).

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    Western Tech Opening Information

    for the 2021-22 School Year

    Western Tech bell schedule

    Western Tech’s goal as we open for the 2021-2021 school year is to ensure a safe and orderly environment is provided for all staff and students. We will be in constant communication with all stakeholders regarding COVID-19 updates. Use this site to find all resources related to COVID for Baltimore County Public Schools.


    Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

    Arrival Procedures:

    • Students will be dismissed from assigned areas at 7:20.
    • 9th and 10th grade students will report to the gym before 7:20.
    • 11th grade students will report to the Den before 7:20.
    • 12th grade students will report to the cafeteria before 7:20.
    • Directional signs will be outside to remind students of the assigned areas.

      Dismissal Procedures:

    • Students will be dismissed by areas in the building to avoid large crowds during dismissal.
    • Staff members will be outside to help students get on the appropriate bus.

    Screening & Testing (Safety is Our True North)

    • All families should screen students for symptoms prior to leaving home.
    • Please use this checklist to determine if a student should or should not go to school.
    • Persons with COVID-19 symptoms in school will be required to be tested or will be placed on quarantine, in alignment with guidance from the Maryland Department of Health.

    Face Covering (Safety is Our True North)

    Requirements: All persons, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a face covering while inside a school. Exceptions to this requirement are:

    • The person is alone in a private space.
    • The person is eating or drinking.
    • The person has a documented physical or developmental disability that makes wearing a mask unsafe.
    • The person is under the age of two.

    The person is a student athlete engaged in the sport in the field of play.

    Social Distancing (Safety is Our True North)

    Requirements: Physical distancing of students from each other and between students and adults will be provided to the greatest extent possible, considering school enrollment and facility constraints. Strategies include:

    • Use of classroom and cafeteria configurations that provide maximal separation between students.
    • Plans for arrival, dismissal and change of classes to reduce gathering of students in any area.
    • Restriction of field trips to day trips only, with plans to reduce exposure to large crowds.
    • Plans for supervision of restrooms, locker rooms, and school lockers to prevent congregation of students.

    Hand Hygiene (Safety is Our True North)

    Requirements: Employees and students have been instructed to adhere to best practices in hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

    Times for handwashing or use of hand sanitizer to include before and after meals, upon arrival to schools’ offices and home, before and after use of any shared items, after use of the restroom, after sneezing/coughing and other time hands are contaminated.

    Breakfast & Lunch


    A free Grab and Go breakfast will be provided in the front lobby and then students will go to their assigned area (see on Arrival/Dismissal Procedures).



    Lunch will be provided free of charge. Students will be assigned to the cafeteria or gym for lunch. It is recommended that students sit in the same location each day.


    Students should bring their own bottled water to school each day. The water fountains are not operational.

    Supplies & Devices:


    • Will be determined on a teacher-by-teacher basis.
    • Recommended supplies are on Western Tech’s website.


    • All 10th-12th grade students need to have a device that is in good working order each day of school. If you have any issues with your current device, call the BCPS Help Desk at 443-809-4672 from 7:30 AM-4:00 PM, Monday through Friday for assistance.
    • All 9th graders should bring their Chromebooks and chargers to school each day. 9th graders will have their computers swapped for a Windows based computer the first week of school.
    • All 9th graders who are new to BCPS will receive a Windows based computer the first week of school.

    Visitors (Safety is Our True North)


    • To visit a BCPS school, visitors must have an appointment.
    • Visits will be conducted remotely or outside, whenever possible.
    • If an indoor visit is required, visitors will be required to wear a face coverings and practice social distancing.
    • The number of people admitted to the building will be limited.

    Athletics (Secondary) / Extra Curriculars


    • This site contains current information for mitigation related to athletics in BCPS.

    Cleaning/Disinfecting (Safety is Our True North)

    Requirements: BCPS staff will continue to provide safe and clean school environments by ensuring daily cleaning of buildings using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved germicidal agents that kill coronavirus. BCPS staff will:

    • Perform frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-contact surfaces and any shared items, at least daily.
    • Promote hand washing before and after touch of shared use items.
    • Maintain sufficient supplies of soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.


    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    December 26, no eventsDecember 27, no eventsDecember 28, no eventsDecember 29, no eventsDecember 30, no eventsDecember 31, no eventsJanuary 01, no events
    January 02, no eventsJanuary 03, no eventsJanuary 04, no eventsJanuary 05, no eventsJanuary 06, no eventsJanuary 07, no eventsJanuary 08, no events
    January 09, no eventsJanuary 10, no eventsJanuary 11, no eventsJanuary 12, no eventsJanuary 13, no eventsJanuary 14, no eventsJanuary 15, no events
    January 16, no eventsJanuary 17, no eventsJanuary 18, no eventsJanuary 19, no eventsJanuary 20, no eventsToday, January 21, no eventsJanuary 22, no events
    January 23, no eventsJanuary 24, no eventsJanuary 25, no eventsJanuary 26, no eventsJanuary 27, no eventsJanuary 28, no eventsJanuary 29, no events
    January 30, no eventsJanuary 31, no eventsFebruary 01, no eventsFebruary 02, no eventsFebruary 03, no eventsFebruary 04, no eventsFebruary 05, no events