French Students Pass the AAPPL Test

French Students Pass the AAPPL Test
Posted on 06/21/2021
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One of the benefits of taking French is the opportunity to participate in contests and exams that highlight your abilities and give you an opportunity to win awards such as medals in the National French Contest and the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy.  Ten students from levels 2-4 took the APPLL test.  Only the AP French and the APPLL exams can qualify you for the prestigious Maryland Seal of Biliteracy.

We are happy and proud to announce that all of the students who tested scored Intermediate High or Advanced Low (IH being the mark to get the seal).

Félicitations, les élèves de Monsieur Olive.

Victor E. (level 2)

Chinwe K. (level 3)

Ndeye D. (level 3)

Wilifred T. (level 3)

Reza A. (level 3)

Nylah C. (level 3)

Ahmed & Rewan S. (level 3)

Nia J. (level 4)

Marouane O. (level 4)