Rockin' Rollers Club

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The Rockin' Rollers Club is one of the in-school clubs that met before COVID and that will meet again when in-school clubs resume.  This club has a focus on classic rock music of the 1970-80's (but also with a nod to the roots of rock & roll back in the 1950-60's and other alternatives to rock from the 1990's and on to the 2000's).  We play a lot of games that allow students who do and do not know the music to be exposed to the greats. 

Rockin' Rollers Club members

Interested?  Wanna send a photo of yourself wearin' your rockin' T-shirt, too?  Contact the sponsor, Profesor Ruth (the Ayatollah of Rockin' Rollah, the Master Controller Rockin' Roller) at [email protected] for the join code to our Schoology Group.

And now, the Rockin' Rollers Club presents photo galleries of teachers and students during the 2021-22 school year who wore T-shirts of rock performers - from AC/DC to ZZ Top!  Enjoy!