9th Grade

The 9th Grade Team

In order to better support our students as they transition from middle school to high school, Western Tech established The 9th Grade Team.

Team Goals

The Ninth Grade Team has established two goals with several strategies that assist students with attaining them.

Goal 1 – To establish a support system focusing on the whole student, in order to enable ninth graders to become self-motivated, responsible, global citizens.

Goal 2 – To promote excellence and engage students in a variety of learning experiences. 

How We Support Students

Ninth grade teachers meet as a team twice each month to discuss student progress, curriculum issues, and other ninth grade initiatives. This helps to ensure consistent practices across the grade level and alert teachers to students that many need additional academic or behavioral support.

Additionally, the team has established a Wolverine Skills of Success (S.O.S.) program. Through the Wolverine S.O.S. program, grade 9 students will learn strategies and best practices for the key skills needed to be successful in high school and beyond. Topics of study will include: professionalism, studying, communication, note-taking, reading, and organization. 

Student Support

Students who need additional support in components of the Wolverine Skills of Success Program (S.O.S.), such as organization, may be recommended by their teacher for 9th Grade Student Support. Student Support will be offered every other Tuesday from 2:10-3:10 p.m.providing students with a quiet space to complete assignments under the supervision and assistance of a teacher. Parents/guardians who would elect their child attend 9th grade student support may submit a request to team leader, Kimberly Bickerstaff via email at [email protected].

Student support is currently scheduled for the following dates this semester: 

- October 3rd
- October 17th
- October 31st 
- November 14th
- November 28th
- December 12th
- January 9th 

9th Grade Detention

Grade 9 detention will be held on Tuesdays from 2:10-3:10 p.m. for students referred for behavioral support/intervention. Students who are referred to grade 9 detention should report to room 213 and will be expected to follow the guidelines below:

- Arrive prepared with homework or study materials
(Students will be expected to work the entire session.)

- Respect the room and the teachers/students within it - Remain alert (no sleeping/heads down on the desks permitted) - Do not bring any food or drinks into the room - Wait to be dismissed by the teacher

Questions and Concerns

We invite you to schedule an appointment through the School Counseling Office (410-887-0842) if you would like to meet with the Ninth Grade Team teachers to discuss your student's progress.  

Additional questions/concerns may be directed to the 9th Grade Team Leader, Mrs. Kimberly Bickerstaff at [email protected]