Why should you choose French?

Check out the video that our French Honor Society made to persuade you to take French!

Ease of learning:
Myth- "But French is hard."  When it comes to French vocabulary much of it looks like English. So, English speakers find the vocabulary to be easy.  Compared to Spanish, French is difficult to pronounce, but most students learn to speak with beautiful French with study.  French grammar and verbs are super simple, arguably easier than English or Spanish grammar.   It's all about how and how often you practice!


Heritage speakers:   
Spanish speakers find that French is so like Spanish that it's challenging (pronunciation) but also easy (vocabulary and grammar).  French is a logical choice if you already speak a language and want to learn another.   Do you already speak French?  Is French spoken at home?  Why not take French and see if you can earn the Seal of Biliteracy?!  


By 2050 more people will live in French speaking countries than the population of China!  Non-governmental organizations, even some federal organizations, have easy access to job candidates who speak Spanish, but are in constant search of qualified French speakers.   Whether in international relations, economics, medical research, banking, commerce, or trade, our French speaking neighbors to the North, in Europe, and in Africa offer plenty of job opportunities.


French is beautiful language to speak and listen to.  People ask to hear it spoken all of the time.  When you know French, it can open doors.  If you do well in French at Western Tech, you can join the prestigious Société Honoraire du Français (French Honor Society).  

Switching languages: 
At Western Tech, we want students to take as many years of language as possible, and try to achieve the Seal of Biliteracy.  What if you want to change languages and start a new one in high school?  Your guidance counselor can make that change in your registration.  Just make your preferences known.  You do not have to stick with the same language from middle school.


French learning is fun.  We laugh a lot in class.  We watch hip-hop, rap, pop, and afro trap videos and evaluate them using the language, even in level 1.  We take field trips to restaurants and French places in the city.  We don't just learn about the language; we learn about different cultures and their impact on our own.  And we do it with smiles.